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What can you expect from Inspection Resolution General Contractors Pre-Listing Service?

Pre-Listing jobs vary in size & scope.

No two jobs are the same.

The purpose of a Pre-Listing service is to increase the look and feel of a home in order to get the home top dollar when placed on the market. IRGC wants your home to not just be serviceable, but to match the top comps in the neighborhood.

How do we do this?

Each home is carefully examined by our Pre-Listing Strategist. The process is much more than just fixing a few things. It’s looked at from the viewpoint of “What does a Buyer, that is willing to pay top dollar want in their new home?” In a competitive market, your home MUST be positioned as the best available in order to get multiple offers and fetch a great price.

What if you are in a rush to sell your home?

We understand that every home sale has different circumstances and some Sellers are anxious to sell their home quickly for a variety of reasons. However, when a homeowner sells their homes to a Home Flipper for cash and closes within a few weeks they lose THOUSANDS of potential dollars.

At Inspection Resolution General Contractors we strive to have every Pre-Listing service completed with 2-4 weeks, meaning Seller’s can usually go under contract quickly for TOP OF THE MARKET prices.

IRGC saves Denver Real Estate Agents Time and Money

How much should you expect to pay for a Pre-Listing service?

First of all, it’s important to realize a Pre-Listing job is not an expense. It’s an investment. It’s investing an amount of money to get the home a price far above what you could get without the service AND get Seller’s a return on investment that is HIGHER than the price of the Pre-Listing.

Click here for examples of recent jobs to see the HUGE returns Seller’s are getting on their investment.

    What can Seller’s expect to invest in a Pre-Listing?

    It’s VERY IMPORTANT that Seller’s have a realistic starting point.

    How does your house currently look?
    How does it compare to other properties?
    How much work needs to be done?



    When a home has recently updated kitchens and bathrooms but has a “lived in” look, it is a candidate for IRGC’s REFRESH and FRESHEN UP service. Seller’s can expect to need painting, carpet, possibly new fixtures, some basic repairs and light landscaping to increase curb appeal.

    Look carefully at the pictures below. Here are some BEFORE pictures of a recent BRONZE LEVEL REFRESH and FRESHEN UP.

    Do these pictures resemble the look and condition of your home?

    If so you can expect a REFRESH and FRESHEN up job.

    The investment in a job at the BRONZE LEVEL is generally below $30,000.


    When a home is structurally sound but needs more updates and some remodeling it will fall under our UPDATE and LIGHT REHAB service. In addition to paint, carpet, new fixtures, and landscaping, homes in this category also have kitchens and bathrooms that need some light updating. Dated kitchen cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, etc. will all need to be addressed to get a home in this category to the point in which it will get top dollar.

    Look carefully at the pictures below. Here are some BEFORE pictures of a recent SILVER LEVEL UPDATE and LIGHT REHAB job.

    Do these pictures resemble the current look and condition of your home?

    If so, you can expect an UPDATE and LIGHT REHAB job.

    The investment in a job at the SILVER LEVEL is generally between $30,000 and $60,000.


    When a Seller’s home has had very little work done in decades, is in total disrepair, and will generally only appeal to home flippers, it will be a candidate for IRGC’s GOLD LEVEL COMPLETE REHAB. These homes have potential but generally Seller’s view this as a huge project and feel it’s easier to just sell at a low price to home flippers.


    Experienced home flippers buy homes in this category because they ARE WILLING to do the work and get a price higher than what they invested for the home and repairs.

    IRGC’s GOLD LEVEL COMPLETE HOME REHAB allows Sellers to keep that extra money while letting IRGC to the heavy lifting.

    Is your home in this category? Look at the pictures below and decide for yourself.

    Look carefully at the pictures below. Here are some BEFORE pictures of a recent SILVER LEVEL UPDATE and LIGHT REHAB job.

    The investment in a job at the GOLD LEVEL is between $60,000 and $95,000.

    How does your home measure up? It’s important to not look at your home as you view it as the current homeowner. You need to step back and view your home as a Buyer and what a Buyer paying top dollar wants and needs.

    Inspection Resolution General Contractors has CONSISTENTLY gotten Seller’s a return on their investment.

    Getting more money for your home is EASY with IRGC’s Pre-Listing service.

    Are you ready to get started?


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    It’s that EASY!

    And Get Paid Your Commissions On Time!

    In the 30 years of working with Real Estate Agents and resolving inspection items, Inspection Resolution General Contractors has NEVER caused a closing to be delayed. NEVER!

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