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How to get TOP DOLLAR on your real estate transaction WITHOUT the effort or spending any money up front!

Did you know that EVERY home sale has the potential to be the TOP SELLING home in the neighborhood?

Here’s the problem that Sellers face:

You want big money from the sale of your home but don’t want to put in the EFFORT or spend the MONEY to get your home in the condition that creates a bidding war.

Which means you’ll always wonder how much more money you “could have made” if you had the EXPERTISE and MONEY to get Buyer’s insisting on owning your home.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Let us introduce you to Inspection Resolution General Contractor’s industry leading Pre-Listing Service. The revolutionary new program that helps EVERY seller get TOP DOLLAR…every…single…time…WITHOUT spending any money upfront.

CJ Weber has spent the last 35 years in residential home construction and remodel, most of that time helping Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers prep their homes for sale.

CJ has a documented history of knowing EXACTLY what upgrades a Seller’s home needs for it to sell for TOP DOLLAR…every…single…time. CJ’s knowledge is critical in knowing:

  • What upgrades are necessary, and which are a complete waste of time and money.
  • Areas of the home that Buyer’s will immediately focus on and cause them to subtract money from their offer.
  • Upgrades that will get a “WOW” from Buyer’s and convince them that this is the house for them.
  • How to get home upgrades completed FAST so the sales timelines are not disturbed.

But isn’t upgrading a home prior to sale expensive? NOPE!

With Inspection Resolution General Contractor’s Pre-Listing Service there is NO MONEY UP FRONT.

Payment of Pre-Listing Services is at CLOSING!

Why spend tons of money out of pocket up front “hoping” you get a payback when our professional Pre-Listing service can get you significantly more for the sale of your homes WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY UP FRONT?

But don’t just take it from us. Check out these testimonials….



9817 Firestone Circle, Lone Tree


Pre-Listing Property Details

Before upgrade price target:  $450,000
Cost of upgrades:  $30,000
New sale price:  $575,000




15067 E Greenwood Pl Aurora Co 80014


Pre-Listing Property Details

Before upgrade best offer:  $335,000
Cost of upgrades:  Just under $100,000
New sale price:  $525,000




16190 W Ellsworth Ave Golden 


Pre-Listing Property Details

Before upgrades price target:  $650,000
Cost of upgrades:  $80,000
New sale price $825,000


Getting Top Dollar for the sale of your home is only one Pre-Listing appointment away!

Call IRGC today to schedule one of our professional Pre-Listing appointments TODAY!

IRGC consistently has helped sellers increase the listing price of their home by 40-100% over and above their investment.

It’s that EASY!

And Get Paid Your Commissions On Time!

In the 30 years of working with Real Estate Agents and resolving inspection items, Inspection Resolution General Contractors has NEVER caused a closing to be delayed. NEVER!

Inspection Resolution General Contractors proudly serves Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood, Parker, Castle Rock, Arvada, Northglenn, and Wheat Ridge.