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We Help Real Estate Agents Sell Homes Quicker and Get Paid Faster!

Get a quote for all your inspection items within 36 hours.

There is little doubt that one of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of the real estate sale is dealing with home inspection items. Nothing can delay a closing more.

As a Real Estate Agent are you sick and tired of…

  • Finding out how much the home inspection corrections will cost?
  • Finding different contractors to resolve the inspection items?
  • Scheduling all the different contractors to quote the projects?
  • Scheduling all the different contractors to complete the repairs?
  • Fighting with the seller and buyer about who pays for what?
  • Dealing with the repair delays that postpone the closing….and you get paid?

You Don’t Have to EVER Deal With These Headaches Again!

Our industry-leading Inspection Resolution General Contractor service makes correcting your inspection items painless…..and FAST

It’s as Simple as 1-2-3 


Simply forward IRGC the home inspection and objection/resolution reports.


Within 36 hours we’ll email you an itemized quote to resolve ALL the inspection items.


Schedule one, two, or ALL of the quoted repairs.

It’s that EASY!

Find out the 10 most common Inspection Items that can hold up your closing and how to fix them FAST.

Can you imagine the time you will save using this process to correct your home inspection items?

  • Fast quotes
  • Use one contractor instead of 5 or more
  • Get everything completed quickly and without hassle
  • And….

Utilize our “Payment and Closing” Option

If you have a seller that is tight on cash you can defer the cost of the repairs to the closing.

IRGC has been an outstanding resource for me as an agent to help my buyers or sellers gauge the expense of repairs. They are efficient and diligent in getting a quote with reliable costs for labor and materials. They are easy to schedule with and have always done an excellent job for my clients. Thank you IRGC for all that you do!
Tori Campbell

Coldwell Banker

And Get Paid Your Commissions On Time!

In the 30 years of working with Real Estate Agents and resolving inspection items, Inspection Resolution General Contractors has NEVER caused a closing to be delayed. NEVER!

Inspection Resolution General Contractors proudly serves Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Littleton, Lakewood, Parker, Castle Rock, Arvada, Northglenn, and Wheat Ridge.